Working together to achieve a greater result!

When done right, it's breathtaking to watch an agility team completely in sync communicating gracefully and flawlessly on an agility course.

My job is to help you use what you have: your body and mind, combined with your dog’s body and mind, to help you attain that magnificent connection in agility.

Online Dog Agility Coaching

About Fostering Excellence in Agility

Fostering Excellence in Agility is an online training school focused on competitive excellence for all agility teams regardless of their goals. No detail is overlooked in our coaching program.

Lessons include essential skills, foundation skills, handling skills, obstacle skills, coursework, competition prep, and mindset training. We believe all dogs and their humans are individuals and the individual's progress is honored as such. Our energy goes into helping the dog sports community grow and shift the culture towards being kinder to our learners at both ends of the leash.

At FX Agility our training methods have been shaped by our experiences. Our experiences have lead us to what we believe in today, and our beliefs today will shape our practices for tomorrow. Our training methods are based on science, but we view working with animals as an art.


Over 20 Years Experience with Hundreds of Dogs

Megan has been competing in agility for 24 years with a variety of breeds at the local, regional, national, and international level. She has been teaching agility part-time since 2009 and full-time since 2012.


Commitment to Continuing Education

Megan is constantly in the student role as well. She attends training seminars and conferences throughout the year expanding her knowledge as a dog trainer, agility coach, and business woman!

What our students say…

“Megan Foster is an excellent instructor who knows what she is doing and sees instantly what move has caused your dog to falter. Or, on the other hand why something works. Megan is flexible and patient giving each student encouragement and praise. The dog comes first so she is always encouraging praising the dog. I have been impressed by the atmosphere and facility.”


“Positive learning, that’s what Megan is all about! She helps us through the most technical challenges while making sure to point out what we are doing correctly. She not only teaches what to do, but explains why it works. Megan builds confidence in both dog and handler by always being encouraging and celebrating even the smallest successes.”

Current Student

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