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If you went and checked out my Secrets to Synergy Online Forum, you noticed that I will be offering some online classes this summer. My handling class, Skills that Kill is open to ANY level of dog/handler team that can sequence 4-6 obstacles at a time on jumps and tunnels only. This class is on-going and billed monthly. No due dates, no losing track of time, and no worries about not finishing the class with the group. You can sign up at any point and will access to 4 lessons per month. Each lesson has it’s own password, so if you come in during the middle of July, you will get two July lessons and two August lessons. Complete the lessons at your own pace and submit videos for feedback when you get around to it. If your month is up, you won’t have access to view other classmates’ videos, but you’ll still get feedback and follow ups from me. This way, if something unexpected happens, you have the ability to “catch up” and complete the lessons. Think your dog is too inexperienced for the class? NO problem, you can pick out the individual skill within the drill you want to work, and only submit that footage. Think your dog is TOO experienced for the class? That’s not a problem either — ask for a harder drill. There is always something to be improved on. My goal is to create an online program that can work for everyone. Flexibility is one of the many perks at Synergy Dog Sports. Click HERE to sign up. Right now, this class is limited to 6 dogs per 4 weeks. That means at any time, there will only be 6 “active” dogs in the class. If your subscription expires, you are still able to complete the lessons to submit to my privately, but you will lose your spot in the “class” and will go to the next dog on the list.

Also coming in July is a Running Contact Support Group. This will be setup as closely to my “live” class that was in Texas. Each week a different set of drills for handling the dogwalk is set up, and handlers have a good time discussing different strategies for the different scenarios given with the courses. In the online class, we will discuss handling strategies for different approaches and exits of your running dog walk and analyze video footage posted by working students and instructors. This is an ongoing class and will be limited to 10 working students. Auditors will be welcome in the near future (not just yet)! Same as my handling class, even if your subscription runs out and your spot in the class is taken by a new student, you still have a chance to submit one video per lesson posted in class.

Classes start July 1st! Sign up today to ensure a working spot. I’m keeping these classes small so that I can focus on providing thought-provoking and insightful feedback to my students.

If you have any questions or requests for an online class or format, please email me! I’m really looking forward to being able to connect with students in this new way!



Megan Foster


I have been training in agility nearly my entire life. With seventeen years of experience, I have had the opportunities to work with hundreds of dogs within a large variety of breeds.

I began my agility journey with an American Eskimo and a Westie. In 1999, I began competing with my first Shetland Sheepdog, Buddy. Buddy’s lesson to me was about connection and bond. While running him, I knew that agility was what I was meant to do.