Building Better Chains

Megan Foster

September 28th, 2019

It's A Dog's World ~ Sumner, WA

This single day workshop will take a look at a variety of agility behaviors and skills and break them down into smaller, teachable pieces, make a plan to train them, and how to put those pieces back together into a complete behavior chain.

(Registration will open August 11th at 10AM)

Who is it for?

Any team that is looking to up their training game, teach solid behaviors, or problem solve current issues. 

Working Spot vs. Auditing Spot

This is a training seminar, so there will be no shortage of geeking-out and discussing the ins and outs of building enthusiastic behavior chains in agility!

Working teams will choose which behavior chain they wish to focus on during the day of the workshop. With ten working teams, there should be a variety of behaviors to learn about!

Auditors have the sweet deal of sitting in & joining the discussions, as well as being able to observe 10 different dog and handler teams working on different agility skills! 

What will you learn?

Training is always individualized for each learner (human and dog!) but we will cover:

  • What is a behavior chain?
  • Training in Loops
  • Reinforcement Strategies
  • Defining the behaviors of the chain
  • Fluency 
  • Building the Chain

    What does it cost?

    Working spots – $200

    Working Spots are limited to 10 teams

    Auditing Spots – $80

    Auditing Spots are unlimited

    Still not sure?

    If you have any questions about the content or if this workshop is suitable for your team, feel free to reach out!


    How to Register

    Registration will open August 11th at 10AM. You can sign up & pay online with a credit card by clicking the button below.