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Please complete this form to apply for a position in Megan's coaching programs; either group or private. 

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What you need to know: 

Megan provides 1-to-1 coaching for teams that need help developing and sticking to their training plans. While you may be filling out this form to work on one specific issue, there may be more work to solving your puzzle than meets the eye. Your answers to this questionairre helps Megan determine the right path for your team.

Private coaching is a 3-month commitment. Students will have their own private classroom to work on materials under Megan's eye. 
Group coaching provides content from all areas of agility training for students to explore and get feedback on a variety of topics and general guidance from Megan. 

Students may post Sunday-Thursday. Video length is limited to 3-minutes per day for private coaching and 90-seconds per day for group coaching. Feedback is provided the following day of your posts, Monday-Friday.

Frequently Asked Questions

Considering our virtual training offerings?
Here are some common questions we hear! 

What do I get with 1-to- Coaching?

Students receive a detailed training plan and access to assignments on a Google Classroom platform. Megan is available Monday-Friday to give feedback and support to clients. 

How much does it cost?

Private coaching: $1200/3month commitment. 
Group coaching: $200/month 

Do you have other online learning options?

Yes! I offer group coaching on my own platform as well as a variety of webinars, workshops, and classes through the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy. You can still complete the form above to receive ideas on where to start.